Premier Men Report 07 Oct 2017

Saturday October 7 Rosedale Park host to Ramblers and Howick Premier Men.

Under overcast skies and a cool wind both pitchers dominated the game which took until the 5th innings before a run was conceded.

Ramblers saw runners on base in the first four innings however were unable to score.

Likewise Howick, who had 2 runners reach first base courtesy of walks, but did not cross home plate.

In the 5th lead off Lewis Jerard got a hit to centre field, Captain Cole Evans then stepped up also hitting to centre field which hit the fence and rolled back eluding centre fielder Rahsaan Iese, allowing James Johnston, who had replaced Jerard on base, to cross home plate for the first run of the game. Evans reached 3rd base. Next batter Bradley Bennett picked a walk, as did Nathan Nukunuku and the next batter Zane van Lieshout. Connor Peden recorded a sacrifice hit to centre field scoring Bennett.

Top of the 6th innings Cameron Johnson replaced Campbell Gibson on the mound for Howick.

Johnson walked Ramblers first 2 batters Maddix Rice and James Johnston, both advancing bases on 2 wild pitches, Rice scoring on a fielders choice, before Bennett drove a line drive down first base line to score Johnston. Nukunuku and van Lieshout each picked up their  3rd base on balls of the game, loading the bases. Peden recorded his first hit of the game through the infield to score Bennett and Nukunuku.

With the score at 7 nil bottom of six and regulation time up, Howicks first 2 batters Zac Pene and Jarrod Bailey picked walks before Pitcher Daniel Chapman took control and struck the next 3 batters out.

Game ending 7 nil in favour of Ramblers.

Daniel Chapman pitched the 6 innings game facing 22 batters taking 15 strikeouts giving up 4 walks and no hits.


Jade JacksonComment